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How do we teach?


Every lesson is a conversation with your teacher. We do use books, games, competitions, other activities etc., but they are just supplementary to this conversation.


We believe in learning by doing, so do not expect a teacher talking too much, the role of the teacher is to organise the students' communication in the most efficient way.


No class is based on the home task. Home assignments are your additional opportunity to revise what has been learned in class.


Every meeting can be divided into 3 parts: warming-up (free practice), revision of previously taken topics, new topics. In this way every topic gets into the circle of your attention at least 3 times.


We do not strictly follow any method of teaching, rather combine methods we know to achieve this exact group's goals. First and foremost, we teach you to speak and feel free using the language.

How long do I have to study English?

According to the left, if you start learning English from zero in September 2019, you will be finished by spring 2022. So, you need 2-3 years to learn a language to a rather high functional level, you will be able to speak in any situation, understand 85% of what is written and spoken.  



Olga Kalita
English Teacher, Russian Teacher,
Studio Director

"I have been working in the field of language teaching since 2008 as a Teacher, a Methodist and an Academic Director. In all these years I have developed and thoroughly tested my own approach to teaching. Come to explore - my colleagues and me are eager to share with you the joy of languages!" ​

Formal Credentials

  • Bachelor's & Master's degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MCSU)

  • Master's degree in International Business Administration (TalTech)

  • Moscow State University course certificate "Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language"

  • Cambridge certificate Business English Knowlede Higher C2

  • Cambridge certicifate "Teacher Knowledge Test" 4 modules

  • IELTS 9.5/C2

  • Estonian language state exam B2 

Kalita Language Studio is a team of professionals who at all times meet the following requirements:

  • higher education in phylology, linguistics, teaching foreign languages and/or international certificates giving the right to teach (for ex. CELTA)

  • practical teaching skills

  • experience of teaching languages to adults


We value every member of our team. We invest into selecting just the right person for you, your aims and your abilities.



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