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How do we teach?


Every lesson is a conversation with your teacher. We do use books, games, competitions, other activities etc., but they are just supplementary to this conversation.


We believe in learning by doing, so do not expect a teacher talking too much, the role of the teacher is to organise the students' communication in the most efficient way.


No class is based on the home task. Home assignments are your additional opportunity to revise what has been learned in class.


Every meeting can be divided into 3 parts: warming-up (free practice), revision of previously taken topics, new topics. In this way every topic gets into the circle of your attention at least 3 times.


We do not strictly follow any method of teaching, rather combine methods we know to achieve this exact group's goals. First and foremost, we teach you to speak and feel free using the language.



Olga Kalita
Inglise keele õpetaja, vene keele õpetaja

​“Olen keele alal tegutsenud alates aastast 2008 õpetaja, metoodiku ja direktorina. Nende aastate jooksul olen ma välja töötanud, ära testinud ja arendanud omaenda lähenemise võõrkeelte õppele. Tulge tutvuma!”


  • Bakalaureuse-ja magistrikraad inglise keele õpetaja erialal

  • Magistrikraad rahvusvahelises ärijuhtimises (TalTech)

  • Moskva Riikliku Ülikooli  sertifikat “Vene keele võõrkeelena õpetamise metoodika”

  • Cambridge´i ülikooli sertifikaat “Teacher Knowledge Test" 4 moodulit

  • IELTS 9,5/ C2

  • Eesti keele riigieksam  B2

How long do I have to study English?

According to the left, if you start learning English from zero in September 2019, you will be finished by spring 2022. So, you need 2-3 years to learn a language to a rather high functional level, you will be able to speak in any situation, understand 85% of what is written and spoken.  


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