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English Through Authentic Material B1-B2


Every session we take original material (video, audio, printed) and work on it with the aim to improve listening understanding, vocabulary and speaking. It means that we read the newest articles and discuss them, listen to the most interesting podcasts and do a series of tasks that lead you to complete understanding, watch a TED talk and pick the most useful words out of it. On demand we can practise some grammar topics as well.   

  • every class is 90+90 minutes (4 academic hours)

  • 25 weeks (100 academic hours in total)

  • optional 40 ac.h. of independant work on an online platform

  • 128 EUR / 4 classes (monthly invoices)

  • small group

  • tea breaks and printed materials included


Saturdays 13:30-16:30

February, 8 2020 - July, 25 2020

NB. You make your decision to join the group only after the first lesson. You can try as many groups as you need. If you decide not to join any group, these classes were free. 

 Vako G. 

Course Teacher

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