Russian Alphabet
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Russian Alphabet

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If you have ever thought about studying Russian, you have - for sure - started with the alphabet. And this is completely right.

This is the alphabet. It consists of 33 letters as you see and contains quite a number of letters that are not quite like Latin alphabet. To be honest, the rest are not like it either, they are just disguised as familiar and simple letters. P, for example, is, actually, R.

Note that these versions of letters are used only in printing. If you write by hand, you use something called "cursive" or written versions. What does it mean in practice? That when your teacher writes on the board you will see different letters. Like these:

See the difference?

One more thing. While learning the alphabet, pay decent attention to PRONUNCIATION. The Russian language has quite a number of tricky unusual sounds that you need to be able to reproduce. If you want to be understood, of course.

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