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 Series Tasting 

Do you know what wine tasting is? It is when you are allowed to drink a little of different types of wine and you are told about each of them. 

That's exactly what we are going to do with a bunch of series in this course!

Let's have fun together :)

Grammar & Speaking Summer 2020

What's in a lesson

There are 2 groups and 5 weeks. Every week we take the same series in both groups, but different episodes (perhaps, even from different seasons). 

At every lesson we study scenes cherry-picked specially for your group and discuss them extensively. 

What are you going to learn in this course?

  • A ton of new expressions used every day by native speakers.

  • You will certainly develop listening skills.

  • You will get to know 5 series, their characters and vibe.

  • You will learn the technologies of studying languages through series. 


"Series Tasting" - How to join?


  1. Register in the form at the bottom of this page.

  2. Take the test.

  3. Take part in the first class and make your decision: "Yes, I like it, I will continue" or "No, thank you, not my type of thing".

  4. Pay your invoice.


Done! You are in!

"Series Tasting" - Where? When? How much?


Offline in Kalita Language Studio at Pärnu mnt. 67a.


Group 1: Friday 18:00-20:15 July, 31 - August, 28 (5 classes)

Group 2: Saturday 10:00-12:15 August, 1 - August, 29 (5 classes)

You can join 1 of the groups or both group.

Payment: 5 classes 144 eur (including VAT) paid in 1 or 2 instalments. 

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