Russian Courses

Russian for Life A1 Beginner

This programme is for those who have never learned Russian. We will start with the very basics and go on to start understanding others and expressing yourself. 


  • This programme is based on the English language

  • Each class is 90 minutes long, 2 times a week

  • 100 academic hours in total, 25 weeks, about 6 months (September - February; February - August)

  • 50 ac.h. of independent work

  • Schedule: 

    • Русски​й А1 Tuesday and Thursday 19:40-21:10. First class - 01.09.2020. Registration.

  • You will need to buy a Coursebook and a Workbook, total cost - about 55 eur

Trial lesson

To participate, you need to register in the form below, come to the first class and fill in and sign a special form. If it happens so, that you do not like the lesson or would like to try another level, this lesson was free for you. 


128 eur + KM 20% = 8 lessons 90 minutes each (if some month has 9 lessons: 144 eur + KM 20%)

Lessons are paid monthly at the end of the previous month. if you know that in November you can not take part in 2 classes, you need to inform us about this in the end of October, then your invoice will be smaller. 

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