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Introductory course. English Language.

For Whom?

  • For those who have naver learnt English

  • For those who learnt it 10-20-30 years ago and can not remember much

  • For those who learnt something, but still mix up Do and Be


The course is delivered in Russian.


What is there to learn?

Step by step we will be discussing the fundamental rules of the language and learn basic words and expressions.

The pace will be adjusted to the group. 

After the course you will be able to confidentally join a level group in the autumn.

Why this course?

  • You will systematise basic grammar

  • You will learn the most useful words and choose the best way of memorising them

  • You will be ready to join a group with General English programme with way less stress

"Introductory course. English Language." - How to join?


  1. Register in the form at the bottom of this page.

  2. Take part in the first class and make your decision: "Yes, I like it, I will continue" or "No, thank you, not my type of thing".

  3. Pay your first invoice.


Done! You are in!

"Introductory course. English Language." - Where? When? How much?


Offline in Kalita Language Studio at Pärnu mnt. 67a.


Thursdays 18:00-20:15 July, 2 - August, 27 (except 20.08)

Monthly payment depends on the number of classes this month allows us to hold: 5 classes in July 144 eur, 3 classes in August 86.4 eur. The prices include VAT, no additional payments needed.


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