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English for Life A1-B2

Learn to live in English.

Another language - another life!

Russian A1, A2

Russian community worldwide is 200+ mln people. Time to join!

English Club in Tallinn

100% Speaking

We meet to talk, talk and talk. 

A series of speaking tasks that will make you speak 90 min non-stop.

Special Sessions

Every season we are organising a new type of a special session. Usually it is longer, with a special programme and with more native guests than a regular Saturday session. 

Why are we a "studio"?


​Not "school", "center" or "courses"? 

We aim at creating a cosy, quiet, safe place where you can relax and in a friendly atmosphere learn new stuff. No rush, no panic, nice people, pleasant tasks. That's why we borrowed a feature or two from a regular yoga studio. Have you been to any? Try, it'll broaden your horizon. We do not wear shoes inside, we leave our bags with all irrelevant stuff at the entrance and do our best to concentrate on what we do, be right here and now. Sounds like something you would like? Join us :)

How do I start?


Take Placement Test and get a letter with the result.


Register for your first class in the group recommended to you.


If you like the class, you will get your contract and the first invoice.

If you don't like the class, we will offer you other groups or methods of learning.


Valerian G.

The best place to learn English in Tallinn. The friendly staff and qualified teachers👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫. You can learn how to communicate in English language and develop your language skills. I highly recommend the studio.

Diana R.

Cosy place, interesting stuff, changing partners, role-plays, nice communication, great people, nice atmosphere.

Olga T.

What I like about coming there? This is the list:

• I improve my conversation skills in English
• I meet new people
• We discuss different topics every week
• The atmosphere is truly friendly and relaxed 
• It’s a good place to spend time

Register for group courses here, please
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