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How do I join a group?

Go to the course page and press "Register", fill in the form and we will confirm your request asap.

You can also register for a lesson in the Online Schedule. 

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What programmes/courses are available?

In March 2022 we are launching the following groups:

  • English for Business B1-B2

  • Grammar & Speaking B1-B2

  • English for Life A1, English for Life A2, English for Life B1.1, English for Life B1.2, English for Life B2 

In the summer 2022 we might launch some intensive short-term courses and specialised courses. To keep track of what's happening, subscribe to news and follow us in Facebook and Instagram.


The next intake is for September - February groups, registration will start in August.

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I want to study English in your studio. What do I need to do?

Congratulations on making the decision!

Step 1. Do the test

Step 2. Read the recommendation letter and register to the group recommended.

Step 3. Participate in the first lesson and confirm your readiness to join the group by signing the contract.

Step 4. Get your monthly invoices and pay them. 

Step 5. Write the final test and get the certificate.


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Are these classes online or offline?

These classes are offline. However, if state or city regulations do not allow us to meet offline, we move all classes into Zoom and work online with the same schedule and with the same teachers and programmes.

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How do I know which level to choose?

If you are unsure about your level, feel free to take our online test. You will get recommendations instantly. 

If you have a more complicated situation, feel free to contact us and discuss it.

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Do I need to buy the books?

In the studio you will also have a colourful paper copy ready to use, so technically you can do without buying a book. However, practice shows that students needs to revise material, make notes and have access to the contents of the course when they feel like learning, so overall it is highly advisable to have a book of your own, paper back or e-book. 

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Where can I get the books?

Option 1. Buy a paper copy at or any other book shop.  Delivery can take some time. After you join the group, you will get the right link.

Option 2. Buy Coursebook&Workbook E-book Pack on the official website of the publisher, be careful choosing the level. After you join the group, you will get the right link.

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How do I pay?

After the first lesson you confirm your participation and shortly after that you receive your invoice. You can take bank details from it and pay the bill in your online bank. Cash payments are nor desirable, but discussable. Card payments are available in some cases, we are working on making it available any time you come to the studio.

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Can my company pay my invoices?

Yes. Please, let us know who is going to be the payer while signing the contract.

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Can I set an automated payment?

Yes, monthly payments are equal, you can easily set a periodic payment. 

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Are you a partner of Töötukassa?

No, Kalita Language Studio is not a partner of Töötukassa.

If you have chosen a course, talk to your consultant about it.

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Is there a parking?

Yes, behind the building next to Rimi there is a big parking, this is a paid zone - Kesklinn.  

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Can I get to the studio by public transport? 

Yes, bus and tram stop "Vineeri" is in exactly 1 min of walking from the studio, they are right in front of the building.

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I need to apply for my visa. Can you help me with it?

Unfortunately, no. We do not deal with visas and we can not issue any letter or confirmation that could help you get one. Check for more details on how you can get or prolong your visa.  

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